girl in transit

May 9, 2010 § 17 Comments

Currently I’m writing to you all from a comfy chair in an airport business lounge. My location?  Denver, Colorado! I’m munching on an apple and a veggie sandwich at the moment. 😀

I spent almost the last week with The Boyfriend and some buddies in upstate New Mexico to start my summer break. My next stop (thanks to help from my dad) is Myrtle Beach to visit my mom and brothers just in time for Mother’s Day!

Now before I get into the post I have a little confession. I haven’t taken any worthwhile meal pictures. An egg sandwich here and a bowl of salad there…less than impressive.

But I think I’ve discovered a way to make it up to you. Puppies are always the cure.

My activity and intake levels have been higher than they usually are. My observation is I feel 10x better! I’ve been running, long boarding,  walking, roller blading, and hiking in the past couple of days. All of these activities remind me of elementary school Annie in the summer only coming inside for a popsicle break.

I went along with the guys on a fishing trip. Homegirl doesn’t really eat fish so I took about an hour walk and went exploring. Upstate is so diverse and gorgeous!

A few of the boys back with the catch of the day:

The weather was my idea of perfection the entire time I was in Farmington, NM. Most days it was between 70-80 degrees all afternoon! I snapped a picture while on a walking trail on Tuesday. Check out that sun burn. Ouch!

This week was the first time I gave long boarding a chance. I tend to stumble and fumble on skate boards and wasn’t expecting anything different on a long board. After a few nights of practice, a little temper tantrum, and a fall or two, I felt I finally got the hang of it! Don’t judge me for wearing my flippy floppys. 😉  I snuck a picture of The BF too. He’s such  a natural. These pictures were off my phone and aren’t the most glam quality.

I now leave you with the promised puppy filler. The larger one is Laylah and has been featured on the blog a few entries back. The two new ones are Delilah (blonde) and Zoe (brown) aka Little Puppy aka LP. The belong to friends of mine and it took every ounce of energy not to take them home with me!

Cute factor overload. Do you have pets? Why or why not? I’m doing my best to wait until after college to look for a companion. I think it would be a little more responsible that way.

More next time. I promise. Later Gators!
xoxo, Annie


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