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May 26, 2010 § 24 Comments

In about 48 hours I’ll be leaving Myrtle Beach for Virginia Beach for

For three days I’ll be spending time with my favorite vegan cousin Cyn and her two adorable kiddos. And probably enjoying more than enough: strawberry cake, strawberry pie, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry drank, salad with strawberries, strawberry smoothies, and corn on the cob. Mmmhmm, the strawberry festival has the most delicious grilled corn on the cob a girl could ever dream for.

As a fam we’ll all probably wind up going to Busch Gardens to ride some coasters. Gulls best be stayin out of my way!  BTW- totally not me or else I would have died.

What else have I been up to these days? First of all, I’m amazed May is almost over. Thank goodness I finally found a job! I’ll be working days (8 AM- ???) at a movie theater in town working the prep and free kid movie shift. Monday-Thursday mornings campers, locals, and tourists flock to see films like Alvin and the Chippers, Cloudy with a Chance of Soy Meaty Balls, Where the Strange Things Are…etc. While scheduling the interview last week I assumed this would be a 4pm- 12am or later job. I’ve been working those hours for the past few years now. I think starting the day early and having nights open will be a well accepted change for me.

I’ve also been beaching

On the occasional run

and eating! 

Sorry about the less than spectacular cell pictures. When I’m around others I casually take a phone picture. I kinda feel strange snapping away around other people. Ya win some, ya lose some, right? 😉

Whole wheat toast with almond butter and the golden fruit

Snacky apple and Annie’s brand choco bunnies

Spinach, Goddess dressing, tomatoes, celery, trampoline

Banana, apple, almonds, step dad’s tractor collection…no lie

Mellow Mushroom salad. Spring mix, avocado, bbq tofu, banana peppers, honey mustard dressing. I’ve died and gone to heaven folks. Mellow Mushroom is the place to be. I love the build your own salad option, obviously! My friend’s pizza looked good too.

Now for the Alba giveaway results!
Congrats go to Genesis!! Please e-mail me (information on right side of page) so I can send you the goods! 😀
Thanks to everyone for entering and leaving comments.

I have two questions today
Can anyone teach me how to turn a link into text? I’d like to link blogs with a single word rather than writing out the entire web address.

Do you have any festivals in your area? What kind of outdoor activities does your city provide?

xoxo, Annie


§ 24 Responses to Beachy keen

  • sophia says:

    I didn’t know VA had SUCH cool events!! I hope you get all strawberried out! Enjoy!!

    I actually use Live Writer…so I’m not exactly sure how the wordpress link works. I think you just write out the text, highlight it, and then add in the link by the little button for linkages in the text editor box.

  • genesis says:

    omg, how close did that seagull come to hitting you? id be freaking out if i saw it in my line of sight…
    washington has a strawberry festival too, but probably way smaller than yours…they just have small contests for kids…
    im so excited I won your giveaway…ill shoot you an email asap 🙂
    as for the link, I use blogger or windows live writer and there is always a button that allows you to enter the address…not sure how it works for wordpress.

  • Hey Annie! On wordpress, there is a button on the “toolbox” area where you write a new post… it looks like a little blue paper clip. That button makes links and the one next to it breaks them. Let me know if you need any more help!

  • hey girl – i live about 30 mins from busch gardens! if you need some restaurant recommendations hollar!

  • kbwood says:

    how fun!!! I LOVE MELLOW SHROOM!! i need to go there soon!

  • Shannon says:

    strawberry fest? jealous 🙂 have a fabulous time!! i use blogger, not sure how things work on wordpress :/

  • what would i give to go to a strawberry fest….hmmm…a limb, maybe? haha – seriously, sounds like a ton of fun! and it looks like you’ve certainly been enjoying yourself. that salad looks bomb!

  • Sounds like a fun trip, I’m jealous! Great eats, the mushroom salad looks awesome.

  • lindsay says:

    Sounds like a fun trip!!!! Have a great time.

  • i hope youre enjoying the beautiful weather, lovely lady ❤

  • jassy says:

    type the word first then highlight it, then click the LINK button, it looks like an 8 but sideways–like infinity…then a textbox would appear, then you can choose to open the link to a new window or same page…i hope this helps=)

    you’re lucky to have access to vegan food and strawberries…enjoy the festival=)

  • Kelly says:

    Have a fun trip!! Looks so fun! There is a little paperclip icon on your post toolbox that let’s you inserts links! Does that help?

  • Strawberry festival sounds amazingly fun! Can’t wait to hear how it is! And grilled corn on the cob?!- So jealous!
    & It is a little awkward taking pics in front of people, but your cell pictures aren’t so bad! I didn’t notice until you said something!
    Have a great trip, girlie 🙂

  • Haha, “the golden fruit.” Love that.
    Outdoor events are one of my favorite things about summer. We have the Boulder Creek festival every Memorial Day- music, food, booths, lots of fun. Boulder is kinda insane on Memorial Day because it’s also the day of the Bolder Boulder 10K, a huuuge road race. I had never really celebrated Memorial Day before moving here.

  • I am near the beach so lots of bike riding and surfing.

  • samantha says:

    strawberries are my all time favorite food! i used to live in maine in the summers growing up, and we would always go strawberry and blueberry picking. my mom said that i never brought any strawberries back, i just sat in the fields and ate them, enjoying life in the sun as a three year old. sounds about right!

    have a blast.

  • lola says:

    the strawberry fest sounds so fun! and annie’s choco bunnies are the best =)

  • I’m jealous of your trampoline!!!!!!!!

  • I love that you have a whole festival devoted to strawberries! That sounds so fun!

    We have a rib fest in my town. I go every year and I love it, but i don’t eat ribs. Go figure. 😛

  • A strawberry festival sounds awesome! And I love Busch Gardens. We have something called “Charlotte Shout” where culinary students and foodie people (sometimes even from FoodNetwork!) cook up delicious things. It’s great but kind of pricy! Oh and Mellow Mushroom is amaazing, I wish I had one near me. You must try their mega veggie pizza!

  • I hope you had a great time at the strawberry festival! It looks like you are having a great summer so far! Working in the mornings and having nights free sounds like so much fun!

  • teenagehealthfreak says:

    strawberry festival?!!? now that sounds like my kinda we have festivals around here..but they definatly don’t respect veggies or

  • i’m so glad you had fun! i haven’t been to busch gardens yet this year but i can’t wait 🙂

    and thank you so much for your sweet comments on my post! you rock girl.

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