my life be like…

June 29, 2010 § 9 Comments

Oooo ahhh, oooo ahh! Anyone know who sings that?
Hey pretty ladies! If there are any guys reading don’t be shy to comment too. 🙂

This post is going to be short and sweet. I’m working a lot but looking forward to updating over the holiday weekend for you all. As you know, I’ve been in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina since late May visiting familly. Life at the beach is the sweetest thing on the planet. Stresses come and go but one thing remains the same. The beach! It is such a calming atmosphere, I love tra laa laaing in the sun, and tourist watching with friends is to die for. My life be like:

I started working at a local movie theatre and have met some of THE nicest people. My shifts are during the day, fast paced, and I always get to work the free kid shows! Three days out of the week free movies are played at 10am for the public. Over the course of one hour, a crowd of up to three or four day camps, church groups, and close to 700 other people flock to the movies for some free entertainment. There are so many little sweet peas that come in! Consessions are open (we serve $1 popcorn and soft drinks at 10am, yikes). One day last week a pair of sisters told me I was the prettiest girl they had ever seen. They went to each female employee and told them the same thing. How cute are they! After talking to their mom, she explained they got on this kick a few months ago. She has no idea where it originated. A bunch of children also come by with stuffed animals in tow. It can be a great money saver for moms and dads (yep, pleanty of them come by too!). Toddlers rarely want to sit still for a 90 minute movie.

Some days I chill in box office.

With the best view ever.

Unfortunately, I only have a few more weeks left here! It feels like there is so much left to do. I haven’t been able to visit all of my old friends, go to shows, and spend every waking minute at the beach. You can’t imagine the pressure I’m under. 😉 Mid July I’ll be headed up north to visit my dad in Pennsylvania. August is somewhat of a mystery. There is a program I applied for. It really is too early to say. How about we just keep that a surprise for now?

My life be like: family time

Some photographed meals

My absolute favorite being a hummus packed salad from Gordon Biersch yesterday. I had never been but heard really great things. Let me just say, I was so impressed. The menu was huge and the restaurant had an awesome atmosphere. Plus, GB is right down the street from where I work. Perfect. How much is that doggie in the window?
My mom and I also took a moment for a bathroom photoshoot. Class and convienance. Love ya mom.

So what can you expect from me soon?
-A review on a tasty product I recently recieved
-My thoughts after my very first 5K next Saturday!
-A July 4th holiday weekend update
-Answers about what the heck I’ll be doing in the fall * keeping my fingers crossed*
-Countless movie reviews (seriously ask questions…I’ve seen ’em all)
-The best of the beach (reasons why you should visit the Dirty Myrtle!)
-The rest of my 2010 and 2011 fitness goals
-The one Youtube video that positively affected my body image
-Why I might wind up visiting a hippie commune in Oregon

xoxo, Annie


§ 9 Responses to my life be like…

  • jassy says:

    glad you’re loving summer 🙂

  • genesis says:

    OMG that preggers picture is hilarious.

    ive never worked at a theatre before but my cousin did and we were always there helping out. it does get fun especially if the people you work with are super chill.

  • Looks like you’re having a great time!
    I can’t wait to hear about the Hippie Commune in Oregon! I am moving up to Corvallis in late August/early September so if you are in the area, you should stop by and say hi!

  • wow that sounds like a really fun job 🙂
    im glad you like the people so much.
    mm i just love coldstone ice cream – such a great treat! love your outfit in the last picture girlie.

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love cold stone and haven’t had it in so long. Ice cream is the perfect treat in the summer.
    Love your boots!

  • carolinebee says:

    Hey girl!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, great blog 🙂 Sounds like you’ve been having a great time with the fam enjoying summer! Good luck figuring things out for next year!

  • I love how you can pull off cowboy boots!
    Also, I hope you love your 5K. I ran my first ever on Thanksgiving and it’s awesome how much positive energy there is from everybody cheering and having fun. I didn’t think I would be able to run the whole time, but it was actually easy cause I was enjoying it so much. Good luck! &I’m so glad you found my blog!!

  • Mika says:

    ohhhh, ahhhhh- boyz II men?

    How was the 5K? How did you train? I can’t wait to read your post because I’m running my first 5K in October.

    • Annie says:

      Oh! Totally didn’t think about B2M! I was thinking of Grits! This song was on 24/7 in middle school…especially since it was the only “rap” allowed in my priv Christian school. haha

      I’m writing a 5K post right now! It’ll be up soon. I did… train. I’m such a bad example. But I’m running another one on July 21st and I’m giving my all to train properly this time 🙂

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