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A quick post for you all in between classes to let you know what’s been on my mind.

My alma mater in South Carolina has been in absolute crisis mode for almost 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon a young teenage boy came to school with a gun. He attempted to shoot the resource officer but thankfully missed. However, when the gun was fired a piece of the bullet ricocheted off an object in his office and he sustained a face wound. The officer was able to hold down fourteen year old until fellow employees and teachers reacted to the noise of the gun.

I read Facebook updates from my dear friend who is a senior. He informed friends and family that they were ushered outdoors to wait on the football field and in the bleachers. Instantly, additional Facebook and Twitter updates came pouring in. Rumors about who may have done it swirled around and possible motives were exhausted too. The most important update was that every single student was safe.

This situation could have been exponentially worse than it was. I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened had it not played out the way it did. From what it sounds like, this may have been a suicide attempt. I imagine he thought upon seeing the smuggled gun, the officer would use his own in self-defense.  I don’t know what was running through his mind. What if his plan was to harm anyone else in my school? Bomb squads in the area discovered several pipe bombs planted throughout the school as well. I am so grateful for the officer and teams protecting my friends and former teachers from any harm.

My younger brother had several classes in middle school with the fourteen year old boy.
Note: I will absolutely not say the boy’s name. It hasn’t been released or confirmed. 
My younger brother does not attend this high school. After finishing middle school he was accepted into a  private school and was able to advance a year.

I still find it heartbreaking. Eric and I talked about what his thoughts were on the whole day. He didn’t find out anything until he was out of school. A lot of his old friends were updating him as time went on. He says he noticed the boy was depressed a few years ago but hadn’t kept in touch with him. He directed me to his public Twitter profile (they were not “friends” and Eric hadn’t read any of his updates until last night).

Keep in mind, I don’t know this profile belongs to the child that attacked SHS. But let’s be real here. And yes, another issue here is that none of his followers alerted an adult about these Tweets! This could have been prevented. Teenagers have more power than they realize. I wish in this time around it was used for good.

He may or may not be charged as an adult. My feelings about that don’t matter right now. I just ask that you keep my beach town in your prayers and thoughts. I would do anything to be home right now.    

Questions: Have you ever experienced a school related crisis? What do you think makes a hero?

I think each of you rock!
Xoxo, Annie


some other reason.

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Hey dolls,
Bet you’re wondering what exactly has been going on. Maybe I didn’t post because I had nothing interesting to say. What if it was because my camera cord is missing? How about both? Once getting back to school I knew I initially wanted to wait to write a post at all and just get settled in. But the other contributing factors showed themselves over time. So, sans personal photographs (besides my cell) here it is!

I tried to take a really relaxed approach my first week of classes. I sat wherever my heart desired (front row, baby!) and just took an observers role. I felt enthusiastic about sticking out the semester in each of them. I even waited a whole week to order my books ( is the way to go. I promise it’s worth a look!) Last spring I definitely hit a rough patch loading up on too many mathematic and science based classes (neither of which are my strong subjects). This semester I’m taking it a tad bit easier and focusing on my major, getting a few more pesky general education courses out-of-the-way, and taking a few fun classes. Dance Aerobics and Intro to Nutrition, anyone? 8)

I hadn’t met my roomie before moving in but we’ve hit it off pretty well so far. She’s got a wild streak but is the most down to earth mamasita. Meet Randi.

Ooo child. One moment we’re chilling watching Gilmore Girls (our fav) and the next we’re making friends with fire fighters at a party. One of whom looked like a younger Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, A Team…) Meow. She would also like you to know two of them helped carry her back to the dorm. Thanks boys!

Speaking of boy… my favorite came to visit me last weekend. 🙂
Um…Que the filler photo?
Flashback to a rainy day last spring with Skip (nickname) and Laylah. We took his roommate’s dog to the park and she would wait at the top of the slide until one of us took her down! The little kids on the swings had a field day watching and giggling. I miss him already but am ready to tackle this semester!

running (up to 3x a week, usually less)
Dance aerobics class (2x a week)
Zumba (maybe 1x a week if I feel like)
I just started the Insanity program with a group of kids from a few dorms. Holy cow, it’s tough!

What I’ve been eating:
Yogurt, granola, fruit (oranges, apples, bananas, blueberries, strawbs…)
Oatmeal, almond butter, flat bagel thins,
Crackers, lentil soup, Primal brand “beef” jerky strips (review coming soon!),
Lots of sandwiches and salads for dinner (hummus, cheese, veggie),
Flipz chocolate pretzels, dried fruit strips, and applesauce,
Water and Diet Coke. Can’t lie.

I eat just about the same thing every day. And guess what? I’m maintaining my weight! 😀 Go figure, huh? I’ve been pretty consistent all summer. It’s a great feeling and a burdensome one as well. It’s the first time since November 2008 the scale hasn’t strictly been moving in a downward direction. Before that time I would yo-yo frequently.  

In another liberating and absolutely embarrassing piece of news, I deleted my ED Myspace profile. Yes, they exist and are just as shady and dangerous as they sound. I can’t remember the exact day I activated mine. But I do know I was about fourteen years old and wanted the comfort in knowing I wasn’t the only girl my age suffering with disordered eating behaviors. What I got instead was congratulations on dropping xx amount of pounds, starving challenge requests, bombardment of thinspo pics, and lists of new fad diets to try.

Several months ago I was befriended by a fourteen year old girl. It turns out she attends the same high school I did. She suffers with anorexia and was spiraling down into a deep depression. She was the one who put things in perspective for me. I thought back to when I created the profile at age fourteen. I remember looking up to the college age girls (or… whoever was really running those profiles and claiming to be *shudder*). 

Generally speaking, the “community” was just an outlet for me. It was a sneaky opportunity to read about what others were working towards, how to cut weight faster, and avoid dinners at home in high school, etc. Before I knew it I became one of the older girls with “experience”. Disgusting. I thought, I never signed onto this! I would never wish these behaviors on anybody.

But I knew I could either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. I got in contact with her and my old psychology teacher. He was able to (with her permission) guide her to the school nurse and some helpful staff at the school. They are looking into additional outside therapy resources as well.

I can’t take back the (nearly) seven years I spent behaving the way I did. But I’d like to. I deleted it on Monday and all I can do is move forward.

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