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My lack of blogging is getting so sad! I think I’d be more motivated if I had my camera cord. That way I could show you what is going on around here and not just a quick write up. Oh well!

A few weekends ago I celebrated my 20th birthday!! Since then I’ve been back and class and have been responsible. Cough. I went upstate (about 45 minutes outside of CO) to visit friends and my boyfriend for a long weekend. It was just what I needed, too. The area is really mountainous and a great place to clear your head…or lose it playing a round of Kings with old and new friends. Pictures here would be fabulous, huh?

I was treated like an absolute queen though! Four (you read that right) kinds of cakes, dinners out, and a wonderful time. Tra la la.

When I got back to campus after a hellish Greyhound trip (anyone have any funny stories?)  I was excited to see a few boxes with my name on them! First up was from my pops. I’ve been hinting at the desperate need for new running shoes to both my parents (divorced) for months. Do I even have to tell you what happened?

My dad bought me a pair of pink and black New Balance 740’s! I’ve been running in an older pair of New Balances that were wide, clunky, and falling apart. I ripped open the box and tried them on right away. Perfect!

My mom and step dad sent along a blue throw blanket, slippers, and a Champion jacket and running pants! Oh, I’m in love. My next race is this Saturday and the pants especially will be awesome for the early morning start. I only recently realized I have running shorts and no appropiate winter materials…until now 😀 They also sent along a blue, green, and white pair of Adidas Allegory 2 shoes as well. Uh oh. Anyone have any experience with either of these models? I really like the stability the New Balances give me. I think for now I’m assigning them to be strictly for running. But I also go to Zumba classes and do Insanity several nights out of the week. I think the Adidas would be great dance and strength training class shoes.  My bd swag. The blanket is so soft!

Saturday the 9th I ran my second 5K here on campus!
It was the Tough Enough to Wear Pink run in support of breast cancer awareness month.
The band played, a volunteer yelled “GO!”, and our mascott ran with us for a while. It was very low key and I had an awesome run. My time did go up by about four minutes (from 31:35). I listened to my body and took a few more walking breaks than usual. I think two factors came into play that morning. It was frigid and a good third of the race was uphill. Being spoiled spending the summer running in South Carolina and since then indoors it was something I falied to anticipate. Live and learn, right? 😀

No photos of the actual race but this was taken back in the room post carb-o-licious bagel breakfast. In honor of some important ladies.

Flash forward a few hours. Threw on something pink (ok, reddish pink) for the Tough Enough to Wear Pink celebration and headed to the NMSU vs. UNM game with some friends. This is nearly at the end, 16-14. Oh happy days!

Ok, quick update for now. More later after my art history paper is done for good.

xoxo, Annie


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