Who am I?

 Hi! My name is Annie. Welcome to my blog. 🙂

Artwork by the boyfriend. Neat huh? More about him later!


Who doesn't love Halloween? Happy HFCS day!

I grew up right outside of Philadelphia (as a deer in the headlights baby apparently). My childhood was filled with birthday parties, dance lessons, days swimming, reading books by flashlight, and spending time with my spuds. 

Cheesy potatoes

 These cool guys are my favorite brothers. Our last name closely resembles potato. When visiting the blog be prepared for countless references. They each are extremely gifted in music. I love listening to them play. The younger two recently skipped grades (yes, entire grades…wowza). It is so nice to go home to visit and spend time with them during school breaks. Ok, done bragging! 😉 

Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Race with baby brother spud.


Living in Pennsylvania was great. The city was a quick train ride away. I used to visit extended family, go ice skating, and take acting lessons that way. When I was fifteen years old my parents got a divorce. Talk about a spud saga. Things have worked out for the best. 

Flyers game with Daddy spud and brother

 Half way through my ninth grade year my mom, two younger brothers and I moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a personal decision by her and the reasons don’t really need to be written on my public blog. 😉 Just know this: Annie + the beach = one happy girl! 

It took some time to make lasting friends. The few years leading up to the move I was really down in the dumps, restricting my intake, and binging on weekends. I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. Heightened anxiety is something I still cope with today. Stepping out of my comfort zone and joining a few clubs secured some of the best friends a girl could ask for. 




 I crave adventure and new experiences. So, when it came time to applying to colleges my senior year I had my heart set on a school out west. Enter: The Boyfriend and the move to New Mexico.

Can you spot little spud in the window? Haha!

My boyfriend and I have been dating since I was sixteen. In my little world it feels as though I’ve known him my whole life. Things just fit and I’m very happy. I think we’re restless spirits. When he’s not working his vacations consist of  hitchhiking (I know, I know) and right out of high school I packed up and moved across the country (again, I know). Sometimes change is good. We’re young and naive. When else are we supposed to make crazy decisions like this?

2008 and 2009 comparison

I haven’t been on a trip with him yet. He is really against it and doesn’t want me to get hurt. I think I’m finally wearing him down. We’ve been living in New Mexico since February of 2009. My sophomore year is just flying by!  While I’m a beach baby at heart, I know the desert has done me some good.

White Sands National Monument
Luminaries on campus
“Modeling”on campus. This is typical.

Studying psychology is a joy. It is so rewarding to  be able to apply what I’ve learned into my own life. In time I hope to overcome disordered eating patterns, reduce my anxiety level, and find confidence in myself and my abilities. Wish me luck!

Xoxo,  Annie


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