don’t be afraid.

November 3, 2010 § 7 Comments

You shouldn’t be afraid of any situation you have control over.Even if it means going back and forth from home to school until you find the right fit.Even if it means visiting and revisiting fear foods until they become your favorites again.Even if you don’t look like you could snap in half anymore. You’re still beautiful.Don’t be afraid to fall…deeper in love with yourself and the world around you.
(The Jersey shore by the way. The one I know and love. Ignore what MTV says.)Make the effort to take that next big leap. It is your best option.But just remember to relax through it all. Everything will be just fine.

“You shouldn’t be afraid of any situation you have control over.”

One of my best friends told me that tonight. I’m not in the best place for me…again. I was feeling lonely, stuck, and downright depressed. There isn’t anything I can’t fix or change. I want to.

Misc. photos from summer, last starved Thanksgiving, Albuquerque, and upstate NM. The things you can find on a cell camera can be exciting. 😉



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