body peace, where are you?

May 13, 2010 § 27 Comments

Hi beautiful bloggies. You each brighten up my day with the comments I get! Thank you for sharing your opinions! 

Yesterday was such an interesting ride.  After jumping on the scale on Tuesday (strike one) and sneaking a peek at my new number (about 3 pounds up from March) I’ve been extremely aware of one thing…my body. I long to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m still learning to accept what I’ve been given.

Yesterday morning my mom took me to a nearby studio to get a massage.  I felt relaxed and had a wonderful experience (how could I not?!?) but was hyper aware of every inch of my body. There is something vulnerable about chilling in a waiting room in just a robe and sandals. 😉

I brought a book to read and drank a few cups of Mighty Leaf’s Green Tropical tea

and maybe even sampled two of these babies

After my massage I enjoyed a very fresh lunch

Last night I went out with friends for dinner and a baseball game. We stopped by a local steak house for a quick bite to eat. Imagine a picture of a big plate of tortilla chips and cheesy spinach dip.

Oooh, aaaah, yum!

I ate about 1/3 of the plate of chips and finished all of the side dip. My friends also got snacky meals (mostly chicken wings) before we went to the stadium.

Each time our waiter came by to check on the table he directed less than flattering comments towards me.
“Wow, you really went to town on those!”

“You licked that plate clean, didn’t you?” (Yes, I used all of the dip. Sue me. But 2/3 of the chips were leftover!)

One of my girl friends told the waiter she was done while a few chicken tenders were still on her plate.
He responded with, “You don’t want the rest of those? Oh, it’s ok! She (meaning me) has eaten enough for the whole table!”

I smiled and held my tongue like a “good girl”. But his comments really hurt me. I doubt he understands the discomfort I felt being put on the spot like that. Remarks about how much or how little I’ve consumed embarrass me and make me feel self-conscious. Needless to say, I was ready to book it.

By seven p.m. we headed over the Pelican’s stadium for the game. I had such a nice time kicking back with people who love me! Note the Flyers tent sweatshirt I was appropriately repping for the evening 😉 It got cold after a few hours!

Yesterday was a great reminder of how sensitive I am to outsider opinions. In reality, all that should matter is my OWN. 😀

How do you handle less than flattering remarks?
Do you ever have unhappy body days? How do you cope?



§ 27 Responses to body peace, where are you?

  • genesis says:

    i cant hold my tongue and never have. if i were in your shoes i would have told the waiter off, but he was probably just trying to be friendly or whatevers and trying to get a big tip, little did he know, he was getting the opposite.

    sorry he was an ass.

  • What a totally tacky server! How uncomfortable for you and i’m sure your other dinner guests! I hate rude peeps – very uncalled for. I would have had to say something or at least give some go to hell looks and talk loudly about how tacky it is to comment on how much other people eat. (Mrs. Passive Aggressive!)

    I definitely have unhappy body days sometimes – all that helps me is eating right and working out that day – makes me feel like i’m heading back towards the right direction! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments – love your blog!

  • fitandfortysomething says:

    oh i do not want you to worry about 3 or even 5 pounds…..this is why i hate the scale! the question is how do your clothes fit? also you are too beautiful to not feel at home in your skin……..

  • No matter what you look like – you are always you! God made you perfectly, Annie, and nothing can change that! I love reading your blog, your contribution to the world, and I will never think less of you because of body weight!

    Yes, I have unhappy body days. I have two responses: cringe every time I see myself in a mirror, or just talk about it to my trusted friends, and be reminded that I am beautiful in their eyes and God’s eyes!

  • I hate when servers try to be funny like that. I bet he was hitting on you too.

    I definitely have bad body days. I usually cope in sweatpants. And I just give it a few days. Usually it passes. And so does the funk. I hope it passes for you soon!

  • That guy was pretty much a jerk. I’m surprised he hasn’t figured out the correlation between flattery and good tips…

    But I get those feelings more than I’d like to admit. That’s when you just have to pull the really corny move of getting up in the morning, looking at yourself, and doing the “damn, you look good today” pep talk.

    Ok, maybe wait until after you’ve showered and spiffed yourself up a bit. I’m no beauty queen five minutes after the alarm goes off… 😉

  • Lindsay says:

    Sometimes people don’t realize their comments are not funny! A coworker of mine used to make terrible remarks about my eating habits because he said he was “concerned.” It really hurt my feelings and it was so embarassing! I’m sorry that dude got to you! I love your blog, just stopped by for the first time! 🙂

  • How rude of the server! I definitely have days where I hate my body, but I just remind myself that it can’t possibly be that different than a day or two ago where I liked it…

  • I try to focus on the fact that my body is strong, fit and capable instead of the… less flattering things that I often say to myself. It’s hard though!!! I definitely need better coping strategies.

  • Jennifer says:

    Ugh that guy sounds like a real jerk! I think everyone has days where they feel bad about their body. I know I do!! I try to focus on the things that I love (like if I am bumming about my less than perfect abs, or my not so straight smile, I try to get excited about my awesome new arm muscles or my super long legs)! I think being aware of your flaws is healthy, as long as you can find things about your body that you LOVE and you aren’t afraid to brag about. You are beautiful and awesome, so never let someone make you feel less than that! xoxo

  • in all honesty, i think ANYONE would be bothered by those comments. I too am sensitive when people remark about how much I eat so my parents know not to say anything. You are hardly a big and didn’t eat a whole lot so don’t let it get you down 🙂

  • dmcgirl37 says:

    Wow, that waiter was a jerk 😦

    I have bad body days all the time. Honesty you really have to be pro active about it. I just literately make myself love my body, it works!


  • eatgoodstuff says:

    Ahh, I hate when people say things like that! I know it is meant to be good natured, but it hurts 😦
    I think everyone has negative body days… all we can do is remember that we can’t be perfect positive thinkers all the time, we just have to make the best of what we’ve got 🙂

  • Marina says:

    I seriously don’t EVER go near a scale… I’ve been doing well for a long time now, so it’s the last thing I need to be honest.

    Oh, and I thought I had a bad experience at a restaurant today (which I will blog about tomorrow!), but yours takes the cake! I may have punched that guy in the face. I mean, Jesus, what’s with all the comments?? Yes, people should just keep their mouths shut.

  • peanutbutterfingers says:

    that lunch looks fantastic! that literally looks like the perfect hotel room service tray! 🙂

  • Wow, what a rude server! Sorry you experienced that, I’ve gotten remarks like that before and it’s hard not to let them get to you. I try to blow them off or respond with a lightly humor-laced honest statement, something like, “I’ll keep that flattering remark in mind while filling out your tip.”

  • Hedda says:

    He had no right to talk to anyone like that.
    Has it become wrong to eat these days?
    I understand that you were affected by his comments, and I wish I could just give you the hugest hug and a BIG kick in the ass to the waiter.
    You are beautiful, and if you keep on working with your relationship with your body you will realize that as well. To me you are glowing, and sends out a message of a kind and joyful person, with a very good heart.
    Appreciate your abilities, love every single piece of your body and mind.

  • brittac says:

    Oh your lunch looks so good! and know that you are not alone on the whole wanting to feel comfortable in your own skin. I think that is esp challenging as a girl in our society where the standard is airbushed!

  • Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    Every day is such a struggle for me to love my body. I try to just do the best I can; that is all you can ask for. I hope you find peace- what a true way to describe it “body peace.” look at how healthy you are. I’m impressed at least. best wishes with it all!

  • janetha says:

    you’re adorable! thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your layout. ah, yes, the desire to be comfortable in your own skin. me too. we will get there 🙂

  • peacebeme says:

    I have bad body days a lot! Sometimes I get sucked in to it, but when I do fight, it helps me to just avoid the mirror (I know that kind of sounds bad) and stop picking at myself with sheer will power. It also helps to go swimming, exercise makes me appreciate my body for what it can do, not for what it looks like.

  • Courtney says:

    People like that really make me angry!! I know it’s the right thing to just ignore their comments, but sometimes I just want to put them in their place!! 😀

  • Julie says:

    I would have smiled and asked to speak to the manager. What a jerk. I totally know how you feel because my BF’s dad does the same thing to me every time we eat with him.

  • I’m just appalled by how rude and tacky that waiter was! I certainly would have asked to speak to his manager.

    If it counts for anything, I think you’re just gorgeous, Annie!

  • foodiefresh says:

    Yikes! Guys (and I guess people in general) can be so insensitive sometimes. I’m pretty hypersensitive too about comments like that, but tend not to say anything. I usually hold my tongue and mull it over and over. Really healthy right? I don’t know what I really should do besides just brush it off and be confident in my own skin. Maybe your friend who left her food had a big afternoon snack and maybe you ran 5 miles that afternoon. How much we eat at any given time doesn’t reflect our overall eating/fitness habits. But if I could take my own advice I wouldn’t share in your feelings.

  • janetha says:

    holy shit! i would have smacked that waiter across the face. that is NO way to treat anyone, let alone your customer. that is absurd!

  • Oh my goodness, the comments by that waiter are unacceptably insensitive… the thing is, he probably didn’t think twice. I’m sure he just saw a pretty girl and was trying to be good-natured. Not that that is any excuse for what he said (and I probably would have subtly mentioned something to a manager after dinner…), but it just goes to show that many people are oblivious of the body image insecurities that many of us have.

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